Video poker gets more interesting with multipliers added in the mix

There are a great many video poker variants out there on the net. But what makes Level Up video poker any different. To answer that question, you first must know what Level Up video poker is. The game is a video poker variant, which rewards players for being successful. The game is traditionally played just like any other video poker game, in that the player doesn’t compete against a dealer or another player, they merely try to build the best hand they can. This hand is then set against a paytable to determine whether or not the player has won.

What makes Level Up video poker different, is that with every successful hand, the player moves up a level. Each level has a specific multiplier attached to it. Generally, those multipliers are 2x, 4x and 8x. What this means is that if a player has a winning hand on the base game (1x), they play their next hand on the 2x level, where anything they win will be doubled. They would then play their next hand on the 4x level (where all wins are quadrupled,) and so on and so forth. A non-winning hand would then see the player either knocked down a level, or send back to the base game, depending on the variant of Level Up video poker they are playing.

Of course, playing Level Up video poker is more advantageous than standard video poker, as you are naturally rewarded with bigger wins, the more successful you become.
In order to compensate for some of the bigger wins, some Level Up video poker variants cut down the number of winning hands. Jacks or Better or Two Pair for instance, may be scrapped, meaning you need a Three of a Kind to win. This is certainly not true of all Level Up video poker games, though.