Download Vs. Flash

Most online casinos offer both formats of online pokie gameplay. These two platforms include downloadable online casinos and flash based casinos. There are of course those casinos that only offer one or the other. European casinos for instance, do like to offer flash only casinos, whilst their American friendly counterparts, prefer the download only process. But what is the real difference, between download and flash based casinos?

Naturally, the first clue is in the title. When you download an online casino’s software, you are essentially installing it on your computer. You won’t need to visit the webpage anymore, and can access the casino from the click of your desktop. Because your download the software to your PC, and download the games, they do tend to run a bit slower on older computers.

However, download casinos do tend to have a far larger selection of games for you to select from, as they aren’t launched in the casinos domain. The player however, does still have to install software on his or her computer, that they may not be comfortable with doing, especially on a family computer.

Flash casinos are exactly the opposite. Also known as browser based casinos, or instant play casinos; flash casinos are played directly in the browser (with games launched through a pop-up most of the time). The advantage of this is that if your browser and flash features are up to date, you can enjoy smooth and fast gameplay, with little to no lulls is speed. The upside is that you also don’t need to download software, and simply must log-in to the site, like you would with any other website. However, the range of games at an online flash based casino is generally less than those of their downloaded counterparts. For players with older computers (but up to date browsers and flash), instant play casinos are the way to go.

The choice about download vs. flash casinos is ultimately yours to make, and each represents a different gaming experience.

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