Casino bonuses

The challenge for all casinos, both online and land-based, is to get customers and to keep them coming back.  Just as the land-based casinos provide comps such as rooms, tickets to shows, meals etc., online casinos do this as well, although in ways that are compatible with online play.  This is why I recommend that before you sign-up to one of the online casinos, that you check and see what bonuses and added rewards are available.

All the online casinos offer special incentives for new customers.  This usually comes in the form of matching deposits for the first, second and third deposits and/or a staggered match, such as certain percentages. Each casino has a certain approach they use when signing up new players (signup bonus), so take a look and see which one suits your needs the best and be sure to read the fine print!

Each online casino has their different rewards and bonuses, which after you sign-up, varies upon how much time and money you spend at their casino.  One of the more attractive of online casinos is SpinPalace, which has the Loyalty Club and is similar to an airlines rewards or mileage programs.  This program has many tiers to it, and the more you play and spend, the more rewards are offered.

In this program, there are 6 levels or tiers of membership ranging from Blue, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Prive.  Just like the airline programs, getting from the lowest level (Blue) to the highest level (Prive) can seem akin to trying to climb Mount Everest with a Sherpa on your back.  For example, the entry points to the Blue program are0, while the entry to Prive is 500,000 points, and this is just for one month!

Just like the airlines, if you’re in the top programs, the benefits can be very good.  For instance, in the Platinum (10,000 points), Diamond (200,000) and Prive (500,000) programs, the benefits are as follows; exclusive support phone number, invites to worldwide VIP events and vacations, invites to worldwide sporting events, customized bonus offers, and just for the Prive members, customized gifts for players and their family.  Specific terms and conditions do apply, but this should give you a good idea as to how the system works.
The casinos have an incentive to keep players coming back, as this is the way the get back all the money you have won. 

To do this, they will use specific rewards and bonuses to the players, although the more money you spend, the more rewards are offered.  For most players who spend money on gambling online, just as in land-based casinos, there isn’t too much of a difference in the bonuses that are offered.  The real difference is for those top tier players who can earn 500,000 points per month.

Your first goal should be to find the games that you enjoy playing. After that you can compare the online casinos and see what fits your taste. Do your homework and enjoy winning some money!
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