Bonus rounds

Although there are other features that separate online pokies from classic pokies, such as the increase in number of paylines, and the use of 5 reels instead of 3; the biggest difference between classic pokies and video pokies is the use of bonus rounds in the latter. Video pokies love to include bonus rounds, and nowadays it is rare to find a video pokie machine that doesn’t have one of some kind or another.

In some pokies, bonus rounds might consist of free spins, or free games. These are triggered by landing scatter icons, which will then offer the player a number of free spins, often with additional wilds, special feature and almost always with a multiplier present.

However, there are other ways a bonus round can be played too. Some pokies like to offer bonus rounds via second screens. In the case of this format, the player will be taken to a second screen, away from the reels. When this occurs, there are a number of ways the player might win.

Such second screen bonus rounds could be as simple as picking from a selection of icons, boxes or items to win a prize. These are known as pick and win bonus rounds. Other bonus games, known as click me bonuses, will enable a player to keep clicking and winning until they select a specific symbol (often known as a collect symbol), which will send them back to the reels, and standard play, albeit with their winnings.

Finally, there are special bonus rounds. These could include a fight between a super hero and a villain, a map, a board game style side-game, and many other formats of games where the player has little to no choice in how the bonus round pans out.

With the exception of bonus rounds that feature progressive jackpots, bonus rounds do not tend to reward the player with as much money as free spin rounds, although they still offer larger pay-outs than the player is likely to encounter regularly in standard play.

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