All about progressive jackpot slots, what they are and what they offer

What is the difference between a progressive jackpot slot and a non-progressive jackpot slot? The main difference is the jackpot. Not necessarily how much it stands at, but how it is built and how high it can rise. Some progressive jackpots are small for instance, because not a lot of gamers play them. Others are played frequently, so they offer a much larger jackpot. But how does this work?
Progressive jackpots are built by small pieces of every wager that any player ever makes. The jackpot will then then rise if there are a lot of bets, and remain relatively small if there aren’t as many.

There is no cap on a progressive jackpot slot. It can rise as high as it likes, until it is won. Progressive jackpots can also be won randomly, or there can be several of them in one slot, each with different wagering levels. When a progressive jackpot is won, it returns to a default base minimum, and will then start to build up again when more wagers are staked.

This is in stark contrast to non-progressive jackpots, which always offer the same fixed jackpot, whether more people play or not, and irrespective of when the slot’s jackpot was last won.

You don’t have to be incredibly rich in order to play progressive jackpot slots, especially with multi-tiered, randomly triggered progressives. Just a spot of luck will do!
Progressives offer far more money than non-progressive jackpot slots, though that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are any harder to win.