If you like video poker, you’ll love massive multi-hand versions

Multi-hand video poker gamers are quite similar to standard video poker games. Like their single hand cousins, they revolve around 5 Card Draw poker game-play. Instead of just a single hand, players are invited to play video poker with anything from 1 to 100 hands at once. The basic premise of the game is the same, with the player attempting to build the best hands that they can using Draw poker rules. The hands they have acquired will then be measured against a pay-table, to determine if it is a winning hand or not.

There is one master hand in Multi-hand video poker. Initially, the player will only be dealt 5 cards. The cards that they choose to keep will then be imported into all of the multiple hands that they have chosen to play with. The new cards that are drawn will then be different for every single hand in the game. The chances are then, that many of the winning hands will have similar pay-outs from the pay-table.

Of course, the player must wager additional funds for every additional hand that they choose to wager. In many ways then, multiple hand video poker is actually like playing several hands in quick succession.
If you happen to have a great hand in your first five cards, you are certainly on course to win a rather sizeable fortune when playing with many hands in multi-hand video poker games.