Go bananas, with the crazy world of online fruit machines

The most visible difference between a fruit machine and a classic slot, is the symbols that the former chooses to use, as opposed to the latter. A fruit machine will largely feature fruit icons on the reels, as opposed to the standard bars, bells and 7s of a classic slot. However, fruit machines also have another key difference between them and classic slots which is worth exploring.

Fruit machines are often based on their pub-based cousins. This means that they will often contain nudges, and special bonus rounds that you simply just wouldn’t find in other classic slot machine games. Multipliers, nudges, and board game style bonuses that lead to big jackpots are quite common, as are simplistic wagering schemes with fixed paylines, in fruit machines.

Very few fruit machines offer progressive jackpots, and whilst you are unlikely to spot any wild or scatter icons in fruit machines, it certainly is likely that you’ll trigger a bonus round of some sort. Online fruit machines are normally incredibly cheap to play, meaning hours of entertainment can be had.
Fruit machines are often brightly coloured, and designed to resemble a standing fruit machine in a pub, with very primitive graphics and sound effects. This is done purposefully, to accurately represent a land-based pub fruit machine, which many of online fruit machines are based on.